The Power of Groups and Specialization

I’ve come to discover that while it’s possible to read far and wide and even have a level of expertise in a few topics and fields which might be different from each other, it’s impossible to know it all. To breach this gap, it’s important to utilize the knowledge of groups and people whom we are close to. It’s those who know about those topics in their most intricate nature who will be able to do in-depth research and give solid insights and advice.

In many ways, this is similar to the concept of division of labor and specialization in economics; ever person or group does what they know how to do well to maximum efficiency and trade their final products with each other. On a micro and personal level, one would be highly inefficient and not able to get anything done if things they are not good at doing are delegated. In the same way on the macro level, this forms the basis for the market economy both on the national and international level and the consequent material abundance and prosperity of mankind.

We should carefully look for and select the groups we hang out with and are associated with. We should make sure that fundamentally they share many of our interest and value but it should made sure that many have a wide variety of interest so if we ever need any help, advice, or even any contacts we can be sure to get such. For example, a group with people who have knowledge in everything from philosophy to business to engineering and technology would fit such a mold and would easily have knowledge of many issues in contemporary society.

Lastly, if we look at some of the most productive members of society, especially those in the business and technology sectors, they understand this principle. Even though they put in more work hours which are way above average and are always in a process of perpetual self-education, they always make sure to delegate and get help from those who know how to get certain task done in which their expertise, knowledge, or even time is limited. One does not need to wait to enter the ranks of the ultra-productive in society, this is a principle all people should begin practicing.