Putting The Horse Before The Cart

In answering questions on Quora, not only I’m I struck by the number of questions which I think are trolls and just straight up annoying. But I am struck by the number of questions in which people ask for quick solutions or quick fixes and don’t really bother about process.

Some people might ask questions on which business ideas gives quick and fast returns or what do they have to do to be like some famous person.

What those asking these questions don’t really realize is that in order to do or have those things they are asking questions about, something has to be done. In order to be a successful entrepreneur, you have to offer value and a service people want. So rather than having all focus set on the reward (monetary), focus should be set on what it takes to reach the reward and everything else will follow.

This does not only apply in entrepreneurship but in all areas of life; put the horse before the care and let the process run its course and allow everything to fall in its place.