On Following Through

Earlier this year, I bumped into a former colleague. We obviously talked for a while and came up to speed with what we all were up to in life. Somewhere in the conversation, I was asked if I still was trying to begin a startup. I answered to the affirmative and said the startup was up and running and in its infancy.  I then requested the person to give me their phone on which I promptly took the person to the website of iTruck (www.goitruck.com). The persons response was one of surprise in which the person told me that they never expected that I would follow through and dismissed it as all talk.  I almost gave a cocky response along the lines of: “Wrong person! When I begin something I never stop till its done”. But I let go and was understanding about such sentiments.

That episode showed me that many people are all talk and can talk about the most grandiose ideas with the most eloquence but very few actually follow through. In the case of the person with whom I was interacting, the person had probably seen many people who were great at talking but never followed through with their ideas. Many people might not follow through for many reasons which include discouragement by people who dismiss their ideas, lack of knowledge or expertise on how to bring their ideas to life, or even being risk averse.

In my case, when iTruck was still an idea on paper I never knew how to bring my ideas to life. But by putting myself and idea out and asking people who knew better than me for helping and also through some luck, things began to fall in place. Along the way, I came to discover that beginning a startup is not as hard as many think and is actually within the reach of many people.  Even as things stand right now, I would not say I know it all or things are easy but I keep myself open to learning new things everyday and asking for help when needed.

If you have an idea which you want to implement, just begin. Never wait till “the conditions are right” or you have “the expertise”.  Success is definitely not assured. But through acting, many things will fall into place and gaps in your knowledge will be filled up along the way. Through the act of just beginning and talking less, an idea is already 50% implemented.