Just Go Out There!

Being new in Orlando and looking to get my tech startup fully up and running and latching into different networks, I’ve been searching online for related events taking place which I attend. Of recent, I came to truly understand the power of www.meetup.com. For example, I can type in key words to do with tech startups or computer programming and all groups in the area dealing with such come up. By simply joining such groups with a click and RSVPing their events, I become a member and have access to such talent and knowledge.

Through Meetup, I attended an event this evening which has to do with UI/UX. Through this event, I found out that its more or less a free course which will run for the next 12 months. At different stage in tech companies and app development, UI/UX has to be tackled. Even though its an area I know little about, I figured this is something I would want to consistently attend in the months to come. At the event I found people willing to help me with my startup and I briefly explained to them what I’m into, we exchanged business cards, and agreed to meetup over lunch or something.

Tomorrow morning, I have another event I am attending. Who knows what will come out of it? All that matters is appearing, talking to people and sharing with them my idea, and seeing who can be of held and taking it from there.

Moral of the story: you don’t need to have all the answers or over analyze when you have an idea or want to begin something. Just begin it and figure out where to look for people who are better than you with more experience. One thing will lead to the other and problems (they will come) will be solved as you move along.