Being a “Google Christian” and a Google Person

At Church (McLean Bible Church) this evening, the youth pastor said something which stuck with me and which has applications beyond spiritual or theological life.  He talked about how as Christians, we ought to know the Bible in and out and know where to turn in the Bible in trying times. Along the way he jokingly refereed to Christians who use google to find specific Scripture in trying times – as opposed to instinctively knowing where to turn to -as “Google Christians”.

Just like many Christians, on this issue I am still a work-in-progress and more work needs to be done. In fact, very few probably exist who instinctively know where to turn to in the Bible on every topic which can be brought up.

For someone to know where to turn to instinctively and to know the nuances of scripture, it shows that its something they take very personally and make an effort at learning constantly. It also shows that they make key links between different scriptures and life applications. Basically, such a person can be worthy of being called an expert.

I know the power of Google. I know that knowing how to use Google is a skill in itself which is constantly honed and refined. I can attest to the fact that in college, knowing how to do a quick google search could save hours (or even days) of work in doing hard engineering homework problems which test the limits of ones patience. But even though Google could come to the rescue, many times what Google supplied lacked context and true understanding was still shaky.

For someone to show a level of excellence and mastery, one has to read all the text and absorb all the information which has to do with the topic which they can possibly come across. Its in doing this that they would be able to handle all the questions and challenges which pertain to this topic.

Just as how mastery of scripture and constant learning is key to spiritual life and growth, constant learning is key if mastery is to happen in any endeavor of life we decide to take on. Its in doing such that be become more worthy of titles and accolades people love to place beside their names.