What isn’t there to Love About This!

I currently I’m working on upping my digital marketing and growth marketing game for my website/personal brand and iTruck with the aim of taking it as far as I possibly can in 2017 and making both known as far and wide as possible. In the past 3 weeks, I have been looking at different options for how to go about doing this. I quickly came to the conclusion that considering the budget I have, growth experts and digital marking guru’s in this country are kind of expensive.

So I began looking for alternatives and began looking at options overseas. I quickly came across someone overseas wiling to do this for me a tiny fraction of the normal cost here. I already had the person on my social media for a while (the person added me at a point). I approached the person around the last week of December and told the person what I was looking to do.  I was simply floored by the persons knowledge of how to go about doing this. What really took me aback is the fact that the guy has never been to this country but knows how to go about serving clients in this market. Using cheap communications tools (WhatsApp etc) we speak often and quickly developed a rapor.

Its just kind of amazing and never fails to blow my mind when I think about it how people can collaborate across borders on complex projects and share so much knowledge and facilitate commerce without ever having met each other once in person. Experiencing marvels like this is enough to put to rest talk of how its a horrible time in history we are living through. What is there to love about this time in history?

The “Raw Water” Craze

A story is currently making rounds online that Silicon Valley elites are currently in a “raw water” craze and paying up to $60 for 2.5 gallons. Startups exist which even help in feeding this new craze. On hearing this story the first thing which comes to mind are all we know about which can go wrong with this trend; waterborne diseases and all that stuff. But if one thinks a little bit deeper, the fact that startups exist to feed this craze indicates something alarming.

At the risk of sounding dismissive, I don’t see anything that fantastic in packaging untreated water. I don’t really see the big problem that’s really being solved. I don’t understand at what state in the production process a big deal of cognitive power is needed and cutting edge technology is need to solve such a problem.

If a few millions of dollars can land in the hands of startups which simply repackage untreated water, this should be a  cause for alarm. These are meant to be the people in this nation are the cutting edge of technological development.


Against The Winds

Remember something: a bird (and an airplane) goes against the wind and not with the wind when it flies. Yet when it flies, its does so so effortlessly and in an inspirational manners with seamlessly easy turns and acrobatics.

In the same manner, many who will excel and go to great heights in their endeavors will so so against he winds and in spite of the odds and what the conditions might be.

So quit waiting for the day when everyone things will be right and all the conditions will be perfect and get to the task of making you dreams and aspirations a reality in 2018.

Getting What You Want In 2018

In 2018, at different times during the upcoming year, we will want to get things from different people or have people do things for us. Its perfectly okay and understandable; its part of being human.

But remember something: to get what you want you first have to give and offer people value. The more value you offer and think about other peoples needs before yours, the more you will probably get what you want from others.