Just Get Lost In It!

Ill kind of confess that this is kind of a lazy mans post. But in whatever you do, if you are truly passionate about it, just get lost in it.

Right now, I am doing some work which is startup related. I set a deadline for getting everything done by Wednesday. But its so engaged that I will be probably continue for the next 6 hours and get done (or at least done for the most part) by the time I head to bed around 6AM (yes, I still I’m a night owl from my college days). I simply don’t see myself doing anything else between now and then, even if it means kind of ignoring other things I planned on getting done.

Its in getting lost in what you do that great results come about a new opportunities and breakthroughs are born. I surely can say that with what I am working on new opportunities and growth should come about for iTruck.

I don’t know what your work is or what you are passionate about. But once its something you like and it gives you joy and you see it as worthwhile, simply get lost in it and give it your 1000% effort.


“Negativity is the enemy of creativity.”

– David Lynch

Never feel sorry when cutting negativity from your life. It could be people who constantly spew negativity, news and media, or the type of content you consume. What many don’t realize is that the brain unconsciously thinks. Even when you might think you are not thinking some things, the brain keeps some things going. You will thank yourself for doing this later!

Defining Your Mission

Anyone who has been reading my blog post for a while should know by now that I am big on people having defined mission statements and life principles.

Life and mission statements are easy to craft in the moment of inspiration and high spirits. But keeping  to them and bringing those words to life is the challenging part. Many people get overwhelmed and never know where to begin. Thus with time, people forget about their statements and those fancy pieces of paper they are written on become buried under other pieces of paper long forgotten and they begin gathering dust.

One thing to realize that is that personal mission statement and life principles are never final. Along the way, tweaks and revisions are made with greater insight and maturity. Also, mission statements are rarely achieved through large strides or few time actions. Rather, they are achieved through small steps at a time done consistently over a long periods of time.

So, if you don’t have a personal mission statement or life principles, get down to it. Ask yourself what you want from life, what you want associated with you, and your small way in which you would like to make the world a better place. Articulate whatever thoughts you come up with on paper. It does not need to be perfect to begin with because like I said its a work in progress and not a one time thing. If possible, even frame it up and place it in places where you will see it on a regular basis till it becomes second nature.

Nothing is worse than living a life without purpose and a mission. Its within the reach of everyone on earth to have both. Imagine how better off if half of this country or even half of humanity had mission statements and defined life principles.

The Paradox Of Blogging

I got into blogging around a year ago. But it was not until about 2 months ago that I really began blogging everyday. During this continuous stretch – which I plan to take on for as long as I can – I have discovered a paradox.

I’m someone who thinks about all kinds of random topics each day both in an organized manner and also not in an unorganized manner. Being someone who is always thinking (or maybe even daydreaming), it would be imagined that coming up with blog topics would be a breeze.

Not exactly!

On some days, coming up with topics is easy while on others I need to kind of think hard. A lot of the things I think about might not be exactly organized and when I have to put in a blog I might be too lazy to begin organizing a coherent train of thought around the idea in my mind. On other occasions, I might simply have thoughts which the world does not need to know about.

To overcome this and always have a list of things I can blog about, I have a list of potential blog topics. When I read (which is another daily habit I  have), many times I come across blog post ideas. I stop at the point where I am, take out on of my sticky notes and make a small note or even write it down on the piece of paper which has all my potential blog topics. In reality it takes time before I get to writing on some of the potential topics because some of the topics might take some thinking.

Blogging does take a certain level of discipline and commitment and forces me to think hard on some days when I am not in the mood for blogging. It also forces me to organize my thoughts and not to over look many things I come across and read. Through blogging and always being on the look out for topics to blog about, I have discovered that so much information and ideas exist which pass people each day without arousing their attention or imagination.

Blogging is something everyone should get into if they can. Blogging  test how organized people think their thought process is and makes them develop an organized thought process fast. Furthermore, blogging can open up opportunities for people beyond what they can sometimes imagine and give them a platform to express themselves.


Making Sense Of Knowledge

Crude oil once had no value and in fact was a nuisance for farmers when it seeped from the ground. But all that changed in the 19th century with refining technology. Since then, crude oil has been the grease of the worlds economy and has revolutionized mankind’s standard of living in staggering ways.

In modern times, everything from all clicks we make online to our patterns as individuals are being recorded on our smart devices constantly and almost in real time being fed to data storage facilities. All this data on their own are almost worthless, but their value emerges when algorithms makes sense of the mass of data.

Crude oil and fossil fuels and also big data,  have something in common which joins them. On their own – for the most part – they are an almost valueless mass. But its refinement which gives them value and people are able to make some sense of them.

In the same way, know things just for the sake of “knowing facts” can be valueless and even counter productive. For all new knowledge taken in, a way paradigm must exist for making sense of it and interpreting it. Furthermore, taking in a lot of knowledge for the sake of “knowing stuff” runs the risk of creating a situation in which people only know and understand topics superficially.

Just as data storage facilities have algorithms which make sense of data being fed into their systems, humans should also have paradigms and ways of making sense of information we take in. Its only through that that humans can gain the highest value possible from information we are bombarded with and we can separate the wheat from the chaff.


Being A Sucker For Stickers

One thing which has never stuck with me or even really appealed to me is placing stickers on the bumpers of cars or on laptops for causes one strongly believes in. Apart from the fact that sticks deface what they are placed on (even after struggling to remove them their imprint is permanent), placing stickers on bumpers or even laptops goes deeper and carries significance.

Placing stickers on bumpers denotes a certain level of commitment and emotional attachment to a cause or political candidate. As much as I definitely do have my very well though out and defined beliefs and the causes I follow which logically follow from such, I am very careful in going in the direction of stickers and emblems.

Not only is value subjective and in the eye of the beholder, value is also transient. Something a person might hold in high value today, they  might not hold in high value in a few weeks or a few months time. Even for some of the most committed to different causes, beliefs might change or people might reexamine their beliefs with age or greater understanding.

This should not be mistaken for people being indecisive or nihilist in their beliefs, rather it should be taken as showing a certain level of humility. Its the humility that one might not totally and truly understand what they believe in and greater understand is a process which never really ends.

Before placing the next sticker on your bumper or laptop for some cause you strongly believe in, think twice. Ask yourself if you truly understand what the cause is all about and also ask yourself if you know all the counter views and arguments. If you don’t or only have a very fuzzy idea, drop the sticker and reconsider.

Ohhh, did I also mention that stickers give off a very good idea of who you are to strangers?

Never Giving In!

Image result for digging for diamonds

As we enter a new week, I have no clue what challenges you face. But something is for sure: we all face challenges of differing magnitudes. Remember something: if you are working towards anything, never give up and always remind yourself of the possible rewards and the cost of giving up. Determine in your heart, that never would it be said how close you came towards victory but gave up after coming very close.

A Small Test of Understanding

Many times I come across people who take very strong positions on different issues. As humans its natural to take positions on things we feel passionately about. But too many times, I find that people  only take the positions they take because its the fashionable things to do.

Everyone every once in a while people should conduct a small test on themselves. For every position you passionately take a strong position on, try and coherently explain how you reach the position you did. This can be done by simple thinking it through or writing down your thoughts or whatever way works for you.

If you really can’t articulate how you reached your view points and comfortably talk about the in and outs, you might want to reconsider your stance on the issue and be less vocal until you understand more. No shame exist in confessing you can’t take a firm position on an issue because you don’t really understand the issue.