Tom Woods Show Episode 1000: A Few Thoughts

I just got back from the Tom Woods Show Episode 1000. Despite many people apparently dropping out because of Hurricane Irma forcing the original date to be changed, the attendance was still big.  A guest even came in from as far as Norway!The star line up of guest such as emcee Eric July, Michael Malice, and Prof Thomas DiLorenzo did not fail to impress

I began listening to Tom Woods in early 2015 and the ideas he spreads were instrumental in converting me into a full blown right-libertarian.  I was a conservative at the time and still consider myself one though I might have my difference with many mainstream conservatives on some issues and some of their tactics (e.g. I think primarily using politics and the political arena to try solve complex moral and social issue is a deeply ineffective method); thus why I’m a right-libertarian.

Around 2015, on social media, someone was taking shots at Tom Woods saying the usual things critics say. Out of curiosity, I began researching the new guy named Tom Woods. I stumbled on his podcast, listened to a few and was sold.

What impressed me about Tom Woods was that unlike most political commentator and pundits (think talk radio) in this country, Tom Woods had breath and depth and was really in it to educate his listeners. On each show, I was draw to how be put links to further reading, journal articles, and any kind of supporting material.

I listen to Tom Woods almost everyday – if not every day during some weeks – in different settings which range from fixing dinner, to when taking commutes or even joy rides, or even when getting some work done. Furthermore, Tom offers helps and resources for his listeners ranging beginning websites, to podcast, and even becoming affiliate marketers.

Ill say something about how I got to find out about Tom Woods. Obviously someone was trying to smear him but in the process, he only promoted him and I listen to him everyday. A good lesson might be that if we don’t like certain figures, ignoring them and not allowing their names to appear on any of our platforms might be the best course of action.

In the like of Tom Woods, I see the future. Many might not accept it, but something has fundamentally gone wrong with academia as it stands. Many of the incentive structures are warped and in many ways academics are insulted from wider society. In private and entrepreneurial academics like Tom Woods and Canadian Jordan Peterson, they setting the path to a future in which academics don’t need institutions to thrive and are more in contact with the general populace and yet still make a killing which many in academia can only wish they made.


Moving and Finding Your Calling

I jut realized that this is the 3rd time this years that I have changed residence. I already know ahead of time that its going to happen once again in early December which will bring it to the 4th time this year.

One of the things I’ve decided on is to be as mobile as possible till around the age of 29-30. Till then I want to fully chase my entrepreneurial ambitions and see what comes out of it. I believe at this stage I have a lot of energy and nothing to lose; not fully utilizing all my energy will be a waste.

After that – depending on how things work out- I will then begin to think of some weighty life decisions and having more of a fixed base.

The life of an entrepreneur has its ups and downs. Moving around is something I have gotten used to  and can now better do on short notice.  But as much as this life might have its challenges and ups and downs, I will do it again anytime because discovering my potential and calling is to great to miss out on.

Being The Next __________

“I want to be the next Elon Musk”, “he might be the next Michael Jordan“, or “she is the next Beyonce in the making.” These are all statement in which people aspire to the reach the heights of excellence and fame these individuals personify and inspire millions to strive for. Such sentiments equally apply for virtually every famous or accomplish person on earth.

While nothing wrong exist with trying to emulate or figure out what famous and successful people did, it can be self defeating and counter productive.

For starters, everyone is unique with a different personality, aptitude level, skill set, life experiences, and background. All these factors – just a few among many which even these figures might not be fully aware of – contributed towards who they are and what they eventually achieved in life.

In obsessively trying to figure out how to become the next Einstein or Warren Buffet, people fail to take time to figure out who they truly are and what they are capable of. They fail to take a long pause and look at themselves on the inside so they can know their strengths and weaknesses.

Furthermore, in a sense, people limit themselves and the possibilities of what they can achieve. Rather than trying to be like some famous person and achieve what they have achieved, why not try and do even better or aspire for even greater heights? Many decades from now highly accomplished people will exist who would have achieved greater things than many we look up to today.  Why not aspire to be one of those people and use the figures of today as the baseline?

Don’t get me wrong, study what accomplished and successful people do. But in doing so, look general principles, patterns, and commonalities among them. Don’t study to emulate everything they do or to become who they are in personality. After studying general principles and patterns, think of how it can be applied to your life and situation.

In all you study, make sure that the study of trying to figure out who you are and what you are capable of always outweighs the study of others. Its in knowing who you are that your talent would be unleashed and you can possibly do things which today might be unheard of.


Takeaway From Today

Learn how to tell your story. No one can tell your story for you or tell it as well and passionately as you ever will. Be a professional and unapologetic narrative and storyteller. From time to time, practice presenting your story so it becomes second nature.

As much as I presented the feasibility to a startup idea, I began by telling a story and that took time. The story gave the presentation more of a human side. I noticed that in telling the story, I drew more emotions from people than spouting out raw metrics and explaining concepts.

Did I also add that as I stood on the stage, it dawned on me that public speaking is a gift I might have which needs to some practice and polishing?

The Twitter Character Limit Expansion

Today, Twitter announced that it would begin experimenting with increasing its character limit from the current limit of 140 to 280. The current 140 limit reflect the SMS roots of when Twitter was first launched over 10 years ago.

While this is a great move and one which I have wondered for a long time why Twitter had not done, a couple of things need to be considered.

The rationale for this move is that English language users need more characters to express themselves than users of language like Japanese. For example, 9% of English users hit the world limit and need to reorganize their train of thought while such only happens to 0.4% of Japanese users.

In a way, the word limit is what makes Twitter exciting and creates legendary back-and-forths; some which can get very nasty and mean at times. One has to wonder how relaxing such constraints would affect user creativity. As humans, for some reason when faced with constrains and pressure we tend to get creative and produce amazing results.

Most importantly, the financial position of Twitter has to be examined. Over the years, Twitter has taken in billions of dollars in venture capital but is yet to return any profit. Talk of how Twitter is unprofitable, always comes up in tech circles. With this new move, Twitter should consider how it can use this to change its financial state.

Over the years, I have wondered why Twitter does not offer two kinds of packages. The first package will be basic and comprise of everything people currently get on Twitter. The next package (or packages) will give users a greater word limit at a fee. In order to to drive people off with a fee (nothing drives people off faster than having to pay), Twitter could simply charge a flat fee of $5 a year. Assuming Twitter is able to capture a quarter of its 300 million user based, that $375 million per year in extra revenue.

Whatever the results of this new move, this move is probably going to change the direction of the company and could end up being a make a break decision.  But maybe, after all Jack Dorsey is simply setting a bait for everyone after which if this move proves to be wildly popular and one users cant do without, he will roll out some kind of fee for using more characters.


The Inevitability of Parting Ways

I just got back into Orlando not too long ago from Melbourne, Florida. I went to Melbourne to have dinner with a friend from college along with a couple of other people on what is his last night in this country before heading back home after finishing his studies.

I had a lot of mixed emotions. Emotions at the fact that I don’t know when next we would see each other; it could be anything from a few months to many years. Emotions which are associated with parting ways with people or places. But I was also reminded by the fact that college passes by fast and just as we are thrown all of a sudden together with total strangers, the reverse happens within a few years.

It was also a reminder that progress is inevitable in life. Different people go on to do different things. People radically change within a couple of years. People who we attended college with are already having families. Most importantly, it was a reminder that when all is said and done people sometimes have to part ways so they can go live their lives and figure out their purpose and destiny.

Think Before You Talk or Post

The title is pretty self-explanatory.

Once you say something, it travels as sound waves into other peoples ears and enters their minds. That process can’t be reversed once those sound waves begin travelling. If you say something offensive or wrong, the best you can do is profusely apologize. That’s all. The damage is done and whatever you say stays in their minds for a long time to come and would affect your relationships with them.

If you post something on social media or on the internet, chances are its stored somewhere on the web or snapshots are captured before you can take it down. Many times deleting cant reverse this.

Between talking and post, controlling what we post is easier.  Things we say tend to be impulsive while a time lag exist between typing out our though process and hitting that post button. However, its possible with time to bring our impulsive side which makes us talk before thinking under control.

Before talking or posting anything, take a moment to think. Ask a question like: “if the person I am engaged in dialogue with was a sibling or a loved one, would I be this brash and abrasive?” Or: “is this something I will want my mom or my older self to see?”

Taking these small steps which might last a few seconds to a minute at most can save a lot of heartache and preserve many relationships.


“The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity. The fears are paper tigers. You can do anything you decide to do. You can act to change and control your life; and the procedure, the process is its own reward.”

– Amelia Earhart

Guarding Your Mind

 “Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.”

– Proverbs 4:23 

In a sense, a battle exist for everyone’s heart and mind.  This is not meant to have conspiratorial or alarmist overtones, its a fact of life. Furthermore, none needs to be religious to understand and fully appreciate this reality.

What enters peoples minds shapes who they are and how they interpret reality. It also affects how people judge themselves and think themselves capable of doing anything.  A person subtly fed messages of how incapable they are will probably not be the most confident person around regardless of their intelligence level. On the other hand, someone fed messages of their capability might be the most capable person around despite their average to mediocre intelligence.

Furthermore, its from the mind that ideas which affect the world and everyday life comes from.  For example, a mind which is very incoherent in its thought process and fuzzy is rarely one capable of producing great ideas or anything of great value (i.e. input=output). But a mind coherent in its thought process which guards what it consumes or its mind is exposed to, will likely produce better things. Simply a case of input=output!

Guard your mind. Its the biggest asset you have. Everything else flows from it.

Never Letting Your Optimism Diminish

I might not know who you are. I might not know the current life challenges and situations you face. But in whatever challenge you face, I implore you to never allow your optimistic streak (I believe every person has one) to be diminished and extinguished by all the negativity in the world today or the challenges you face.

I implore you to always remember that it can be worse but most importantly, things can and will be better. I implore you to know that in whatever situation or challenge you face, you are more than capable of working your way out of you predicament.

The choice is all yours. On the one hand is a choice of a self-reinforcing cycle of cynicism and pessimism. But on the other hand is an outlook of optimism through all the negativity and challenges you might face. The second choice takes a very conscious effort and determination to follow and is cultivated over time. But the fruits and results of second are too great not to try it out. The choice is all yours!