My Story

Ever since I have been a kid, I have always asked questions. I would always bother my parents about why XYX is the way it is. In many cases, tapping from their knowledge, they would give me straight and easy answers and in others they would not necessarily have answers. The full or partial answers I got would lead to thinking about even more questions; little did I know at the time that a thinker and observer of events going on around him was being nurtured.

With the passing of time and maturity, the pestering nature of my inquires and questions outwardly subsided but took on the form of reading books, publications, newspapers and watching documentaries  and doing my personal research. Among adults, I became known as the kid who always had something profound to say and was always drawn to having conversations with adults of issues of the day and other things considered “adult talk”.

With an insatiable appetite for questioning many issues, conducting research, and making observations and connections, I have developed a multidisciplinary mind which understands that events don’t occur in isolation and to varying degrees events are interconnected. For example, I am an aerospace engineer by training who has deep and penetrating knowledge and insights into tops like history, contemporary events and economics.

Knowing that no matter how much deemphasized or evaded, economic events and phenomena play a central role in human life and affect different decisions we make, I have developed an ongoing rigorous study of all major economic text in the past 250 years. Through my study so far I have come to fast conclude, that that these text are not money making guides, though key insights can be deduced, rather they give insights into human organization/relations and the very nature of human existence.  When done with this self-study (I might even begin before I finish and do it in parallel!), I plan to begin a self-study of advanced aerospace concepts not covered during a typical undergraduate education. By the time, I am done with myself study, I would probably be an economist without credentials!

There has always been a side of me which has been drawn to the creative and transformative power of entrepreneurship. Growing up also being fascinated by ideas and wanting to be an aerospace engineer, at different times I saw all these interest as being in conflict with me having to eventually choose one someday and foregoing the others. With time, I came to discover that all could work for me in harmony. The key I came to discover, is to use entrepreneurship to branch out to the two others. By going into entrepreneurship and using it to branch off, I could use it to implement ideas which I have while getting the opportunity someday to do or go into something aerospace related.

At the end of the day, when fundamentally examined, entrepreneurship is not primarily about monetary value but rather value of ideas and knowledge used to serve others; ideas when individuals have a spark of imagination in an instant and knowledge as they plan purposeful actions to gain better insights into their ideas and the nature of whom they serve.