Why I Blog

A few weeks back I met with someone who was amazed by the blogs which I post. He simply was in awe at the “wisdom” in my post and how I seem to just keep them coming each day. He asked how I come up with the topics which I blog about. I pretty much explained that rarely do I think too deeply far in advance about what I am going to post.

In the months during which I have been blogging everyday, I have come to discover that even for people like me who think too much at times and have all kinds of ideas in our minds, blogging is not necessarily easy. For one, not all trains of thought are complex or well developed and also not exactly everything which comes to mind needs to be posted. Most importantly, coming up with new topics everyday to blog about is not as easy as it looks but someone how at at the end of each day I come up with a topic.

In blogging, I strive to add my spin to different contemporary topics and make people think about those topics from angles which I feel does not get any attention. Also, I strive to ensure that what I post can one day be possibly improved upon. Most importantly, I strive to make sure that I never regret any post.

Blogging is an exercise I could not encourage people to get into enough. People don’t necessarily need to blog so that by some sheer luck, they it can lead to opportunities. People should blog for the sake of blogging even if one has only a small audience.

I am someone who has always been inquisitive and asked questions since I was a kid. As I grew up, this inquisitiveness evolved into being a very opinionated and read far and wide and not just accept answer given because its the answer everyone is to repeat. At this stage in life, blogging is simply the latest expression of this side of me.