What’s the dirty secret of “overnight success”?

Below is a Quora question I once answered with the title of this post being the question asked.  The answer below is unedited and just as answered

Overnight success only exist in the movies and in real life is quite rare. The Zuckerberg’s and Musk’s of this world are an exception to the rule. Even then their success did not necessarily come easy or overnight. Mark Zuckerberg has been coding since he was a kid while Elon Musk has been on the entrepreneurial journey for over 20 years. In the cast of Elon Musk, the man works harder than most and dedicates virtually his whole life to what he does even more than even Mark Zuckerberg spends working each day on Facebook.

A concept which people should learn is that for every action there is a seen part and an unseen part. Arguable the unseen part is the most decisive and determines the direction and the trust of the seen part.

Most business people which you see whom society praise as success stories probably struggled for some period of time before their burst onto the stage. But with how humans are, we don’t really bother to look at the unseen (the times of struggle and even failures along the way) but only bother about the seen (the success story everyone sees) part which is more appealing.

Really no secret exist to over night success. It takes hardwork, dedication, and showing guts where some people are too crippled with fear to show initiative. Success for some might come faster than for others. But people need to stop bothering about how their “over night success” will come and focus on what needs to get done either in their business ventures or just in life.