Defining “the Box”

We live in an age in which people regurgitate cliches without much critical thought. All people to some degree or the other are guilty of this.

One of the cliches of our time is: “think outside the box.” This cliche is used in the context of trying to solve problems which don’t have easy answers and defy conventional thought.

While “thinking outside the box” is important and can lead of huge ground breaking results, in many ways, “thinking outside the box” first puts the cart before the horse.

All people have their modes of thinking and prisms through which they view the world and interpret its never ending stream of sometimes conflicting and contradictory events. Person A might have a radically different interpretation from Person B for an event which both observed together. The difference between Person A and Person B are the prisms through which they view the world around them.

What many people fail to realize is that they have a prisms which they use in viewing the world. Ways of interpreting events are usually imbibed over long periods of time. Factors which range  from education to environment in which people are socialized into and event to intelligence level.

Being self aware of the prism through which we view the world is an indispensable tool which is of use not only in isolate cases but is of greater use for self improvement.

The next time, you are facing a challenge and you feel like “thinking outside the box”, pause for a second and first define what they box. That box is the limitation you face and its in recognizing your limitations that you will be able to tackle them and advance.