On Today Being Yesterdays Tomorrow

Think about this: if you were to record yourself before ever decision you make, watching your recordings a few years later, would you be proud or not proud of yourself? Would you look back and say, “wow, what a total dumba** I was, what was I thinking?” Or, would you say, “that was a smart call I made!”

Obviously, life would be dull and people would live life like they were robots if they thought too much into every decision they were going to make and will be crippled with analysis paralysis. Some of the best choices and memories in life come from decisions never thought through too deeply and figured out as things happened.

But the whole point point I’m try to get at is the importance of being wise at the most basic level in choices made because today was yesterdays tomorrow. Who we are to a very large degree is a result of conscious decisions made yesterday. In order to have a better tomorrow in which we live out our true potential and dreams, conscious decision making at a very basic level at the minimum must occur.