As an activity, thinking is something the overwhelming majority of people don’t take seriously, allocate time towards, or do in a methodical manner.  Thinking, if done well can lead to new ideas and even breakthroughs in life.

One of the best times I use for thinking and I find that new ideas and insights begin popping up in my head is when I am driving. In the past two to three years, I have developed a habit of simply driving to anywhere in the southeast or along the east coast I want to get to rather than flying.

Many say driving around for that many hours is simply time wasted when I could simply fly to my destination. But for me when the cost and benefits are weighed, its worth it. As much as that time could be spent doing other things, that time used for thinking is just as important because my ability to be productive depends on the formation of new ideas and insights. But Ill also confess, that within a few years time, driving around for that long would probably become a luxury for me and Ill have to device alternative activities during which I think.

Not everyone will use driving or taking long trips to think. Different people have their different ways which they use to think. For some its walking along the beach while for others its doing a sporting activity. The challenge for each person is to discover the activity during which they happen to think and new ideas come to mind easily.