The “Raw Water” Craze

A story is currently making rounds online that Silicon Valley elites are currently in a “raw water” craze and paying up to $60 for 2.5 gallons. Startups exist which even help in feeding this new craze. On hearing this story the first thing which comes to mind are all we know about which can go wrong with this trend; waterborne diseases and all that stuff. But if one thinks a little bit deeper, the fact that startups exist to feed this craze indicates something alarming.

At the risk of sounding dismissive, I don’t see anything that fantastic in packaging untreated water. I don’t really see the big problem that’s really being solved. I don’t understand at what state in the production process a big deal of cognitive power is needed and cutting edge technology is need to solve such a problem.

If a few millions of dollars can land in the hands of startups which simply repackage untreated water, this should be a  cause for alarm. These are meant to be the people in this nation are the cutting edge of technological development.