The Power in Your Hands

Value is subjective! Item A might be of a lot of value to one person while to another person, that same item commands no value. All humans have their scales of value and we each have different things which we attach value to. What makes people attach value to different things ranges from their experiences to even their cognitive makeup.

In today’s world, a smartphone is an item which many can’t survive without because in many ways these items are reflections of who we are and contain everything from our music selection to our most personal information. Even though many understand this aspect of smartphones, many still don’t appreciate the power of smartphones on a even deeper level. Through a smartphone, anyone has a channel into virtually all the knowledge mankind has ever produced and has the ability to communicate with billions of people at an instant.  As with anything subjective, the use is up to the user. Some will use it for positive and empowering ends while others will use it for negative ends. Some will see it as a barrier to overcome obstacles while it will never dawn on some that these devices could be used to overcome current obstacles.

Next time you pickup your smartphone, ponder on what life will be like for a day without it and then ponder on how you can most effectively utilize this amazing gadget which very few of us fully utilize.