The Paradox Of Blogging

I got into blogging around a year ago. But it was not until about 2 months ago that I really began blogging everyday. During this continuous stretch – which I plan to take on for as long as I can – I have discovered a paradox.

I’m someone who thinks about all kinds of random topics each day both in an organized manner and also not in an unorganized manner. Being someone who is always thinking (or maybe even daydreaming), it would be imagined that coming up with blog topics would be a breeze.

Not exactly!

On some days, coming up with topics is easy while on others I need to kind of think hard. A lot of the things I think about might not be exactly organized and when I have to put in a blog I might be too lazy to begin organizing a coherent train of thought around the idea in my mind. On other occasions, I might simply have thoughts which the world does not need to know about.

To overcome this and always have a list of things I can blog about, I have a list of potential blog topics. When I read (which is another daily habit I  have), many times I come across blog post ideas. I stop at the point where I am, take out on of my sticky notes and make a small note or even write it down on the piece of paper which has all my potential blog topics. In reality it takes time before I get to writing on some of the potential topics because some of the topics might take some thinking.

Blogging does take a certain level of discipline and commitment and forces me to think hard on some days when I am not in the mood for blogging. It also forces me to organize my thoughts and not to over look many things I come across and read. Through blogging and always being on the look out for topics to blog about, I have discovered that so much information and ideas exist which pass people each day without arousing their attention or imagination.

Blogging is something everyone should get into if they can. Blogging  test how organized people think their thought process is and makes them develop an organized thought process fast. Furthermore, blogging can open up opportunities for people beyond what they can sometimes imagine and give them a platform to express themselves.