The Inevitability of Parting Ways

I just got back into Orlando not too long ago from Melbourne, Florida. I went to Melbourne to have dinner with a friend from college along with a couple of other people on what is his last night in this country before heading back home after finishing his studies.

I had a lot of mixed emotions. Emotions at the fact that I don’t know when next we would see each other; it could be anything from a few months to many years. Emotions which are associated with parting ways with people or places. But I was also reminded by the fact that college passes by fast and just as we are thrown all of a sudden together with total strangers, the reverse happens within a few years.

It was also a reminder that progress is inevitable in life. Different people go on to do different things. People radically change within a couple of years. People who we attended college with are already having families. Most importantly, it was a reminder that when all is said and done people sometimes have to part ways so they can go live their lives and figure out their purpose and destiny.