The Importance of Being Unique

In this era of mass media, popular culture, and group think, individuality is snuffed out of people and deemphasized. People tend to mostly follow what’s in fashion and strive to live up to societal expectorations. But only a few make the concerted effort to develop their uniqueness and keep on to it.

The popular misconception is that honing uniqueness is an act which is socially destructive and must be avoided at all cost. But nothing could be further from the truth. Ones uniqueness might be in a special area or talent which special effort and time is put into developing and which eventually benefits others.

If anything, developing ones uniqueness is one of the most social things which can possibly be done because everything humans have achieved depend on the uniqueness of individuals and what they can contribute towards others. For example, the ability to play an instrument with great ease is the ability of some people to attend an orchestra or musical show on their off day and forget about their most pressing worries. Or an individual developing their scientific aptitude benefits people they would never know through contributions and progress in the sciences.

If we want to live in a world in which people feel fulfilled, and don’t feel like the task they do are out of expectation or force, people should be encouraged to be unique and develop those areas which are their special gifts. Through allowing people to develop such areas, others would be able to benefit through their interactions with them. Far from people being encouraged to be unique causing tension, it brings together a harmony of interest and creates a society in which people are truly brought closer together.