The Art Of Pivoting

Humans are primed for inertia. People would prefer to continue on a certain course than change. I’ll confess that my inertia levels at times is probably beyond average and its something I battle against at times.  Deciding to become an entrepreneur this early without years of “work experience” is partly due to my awareness of this.

But for people to progress, they must beat inertia and the tendency to want to stay on the some path. People must have the ability to change course as fast as possible when it needs to be done.

In entrepreneurship, changing course is called pivoting. How rapid pivoting occurs can the difference between entrepreneurial success and failure. Not everyone is into entrepreneurship obviously. But this approach and insight can be carried into virtually all areas of life. In trying to get ahead in life, mastering the art of pivoting is key and whoever becomes a master of this skill is probably already ahead of at least 50% of their peers.