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What isn’t there to Love About This!

I currently I’m working on upping my digital marketing and growth marketing game for my website/personal brand and iTruck with the aim of taking it as far as I possibly can in 2017 and making both known as far and wide as possible. In the past 3 weeks, I have been looking at different options for how to go about doing this. I quickly came to the conclusion that considering the budget I have, growth experts and digital marking guru’s in this country are kind of expensive.

So I began looking for alternatives and began looking at options overseas. I quickly came across someone overseas wiling to do this for me a tiny fraction of the normal cost here. I already had the person on my social media for a while (the person added me at a point). I approached the person around the last week of December and told the person what I was looking to do.  I was simply floored by the persons knowledge of how to go about doing this. What really took me aback is the fact that the guy has never been to this country but knows how to go about serving clients in this market. Using cheap communications tools (WhatsApp etc) we speak often and quickly developed a rapor.

Its just kind of amazing and never fails to blow my mind when I think about it how people can collaborate across borders on complex projects and share so much knowledge and facilitate commerce without ever having met each other once in person. Experiencing marvels like this is enough to put to rest talk of how its a horrible time in history we are living through. What is there to love about this time in history?

Advice: Marketing and Advertising

In almost a year of running and growing a startup along with another business, I’ve learnt one lesson very fast. That lesson is about he centrality and importance of marketing and advertising to business success.

Its not like I never knew that about these concepts and their role in businesses, rather I never appreciated how much they can make or break business success. I never really knew how much of GDP goes to marketing and advertising. I also never knew the extent to which in many businesses a great deal of the jobs have to do with marketing and advertising and not just techy stuff.

But again when you think about it, products and services are nothing if they are not placed in front of those are to use them and knowledge of them does not exist.

A key piece of advice I will give anyone starting a business is the need for learning how all these systems work and how utilizing them wisely can determine success or failure.