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Be Like Jeff Bezos

In anticipate of strong Black Friday sales, Amazon stock soared and added enough wealth to make Jeff Bezos the second person in history to be worth over $100 billion.

Obviously, this development will elicit a lot of reactions ranging from people who will see it as another sign of the worsening wealth gap to people who will see it as another sign of a stock market out of touch with economic reality thanks to lose monetary policy.

But regardless of peoples views, nothing can change the fact that Amazon is one of the best stories of American business in  at least the past 50 years and Mr. Bezos will still be talked about and studied long after he is gone. Even if Amazons stock value is indeed overvalued, Amazon offers a service which has improved the lives of millions and the company will still be standing in the event of a stock market correct.

What I want to focus on are the choices which Mr. Bezos made before he founded Amazon and how people can apply it to their lives.

Mr. Bezos was a successful hedge fund trader who amassed some sizable wealth enough to start Amazon before deciding to found Amazon. Upon telling his boss he wanted to leave to go do his thing, he was offered a raise to woo him from going. But he turned it down and left.

In essence, if Mr. Bezos never followed his intuition and dream and was content on a job which offered a lot of stability, the world probably will not have Amazon today. If Mr. Bezos allowed himself to be wooed by the offer of his old boss, no one will know who Bezos is.

We all have dreams and aspirations but to many people are timid in try to make such a reality. This timidity is created by everything from self doubt, to thinking too much about what other think, and even social pressure. Not everyone is going to be wealthy or a Bezos. But in whatever you do and in whatever field you are in, follow your dreams and passions, you never know what can come of it and how it can affect people positively in ways never imagined. By Mr. Bezos following his dream and idea, tens of millions are better off through his lower prices he constantly offers.





The following has been adapted from a social media post.

One word drives my ambition and craziness (and probably what some people see as border line delusion; who cares what they think): REGRET. Never do I want to look back at things I possibly could have done later on in life.

I am determined that at later stages in my life never will I look back and say things like “I could have done ABC if I just showed some courage and did not allow what people thought and said to affect my decision making” or “How I wish I could have done XYZ when I still had so much energy and I was younger with less responsibilities”.

Fear of the unknown  and what has never  been tried is natural. Different people have different levels of fear and different tolerances for trying new and unknown things. Complicating this natural tendency is social pressure and not wanting to do things which deviate from what the crowd does.

In putting so much premium into what people say and think when making life decisions, a couple of questions need to be asked. We need to always ask ourselves if those people whose opinions we put so much value will be around or remember what they said during our later days of regret.  We also need to ask, if such people will easily be swayed if they were in our predicament and making their life choice and decisions.

Their is nothing wrong in chasing our life dreams and ambitions and being guided by what you see as best for yourself once you respect the right of others to do the same. Obviously, such decisions occur only after some consultation from family, loved ones, and friends in which they give you their opinions. In all my observations, I can say that people who follow their dreams and are undeterred by the opinions of others or how crazy and unrealistic they might look or sound usually live the most productive and fulfilled lives.