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Self-Development and Freedom

I have no idea who you are or who will read this blog post or even come across it. But for sure you do have your challenges. They might be small or they might be big. You also also might have issues here and there with your perceived self image which you project and try to fit in and act according to expected social molds. For the second one, some might have no issues at all with that while for the first everyone to some degree or the other has to tackle. These challenges are what makes us human and part of the human experience.

I’m totally convinced that everyone – all 7 billion people or so on earth – has a some hidden talent. Yes, no two talent are equal or even need comparison; some talent might be more phenomenal than others.  But sadly, only a tiny fraction of a fraction of a fraction will ever true reach their peak potential and discover their talents.

I believe that too many will never reach their potential because they are too preoccupied with acting out expected social fads and norms while ignoring themselves. Time spent trying to fit social molds is time not spent trying to truly understand who you are and working on your gifts and talents.

Everything from for social expectations to  mass and popular culture to the media and even the educational system is geared towards distracting people from stopping for a second to try discover who they truly are and what they are capable of.

Don’t get me wrong, I fully understand that we are social beings and we all find ourselves in social settings in which we must interact with a larger body which has it norms. In fact, interacting with a larger social body is critical to discovering who we truly are. For example, even if an individual discovers  they have a proclivity towards playing musical instruments, it takes time to become professional. A quick route to becoming professional is by interacting with larger groups or individuals who are better at such and can give guidance and training.

Furthermore, trying to fit into expected social molds can be more a drain on your energy than attempting to discover your hidden talent. For one, bothering about what is expected of one at times involves being a first rate mind reader. Its not that hard to see that it takes less time and energy to read your own mind than other peoples minds.

Putting more focus on on who you are and what you are capable of truly frees and makes you a free person. It frees your from being preoccupied with the burden of thinking of what others think of you. It frees your actions from becoming robotic and reactive. It frees you from unneeded drama and trouble in your life.

Ultimately, to truly discover who you are and what you can contribute to the world, you must be free. For its only in freedom that people have the fullest arena and scope to act and try new things which would allow them to fully discover what they are capable of so they can fully flourish and reach their God-given potential.



Overcoming Resistance

The following is based off a reply I gave to a discussion question on a Facebook Workplacce group by someone who asked how they can overcome resistance and the feeling of being overwhelmed at times. I have corrected for grammatical errors here and there and also expanded on my original reply. 

I never knew that I had ADHD until I was in college. But whether ADHD is even a valid or overblown phenomenon, I question at times. Maybe ADHD is simply kids reacting to the assembly line model of education and wanting to spread out their wings and explore. But one thing I can say is that you need to plan your days out as much as possible while prioritizing your interest and hobbies and also take a long run perspective.

For everything which you plan to do or even like, give it a ranking. For example, for all the task you plan to do each day, place a ranking next to each and begin with the highest priority till you finish off your lowest priority task.

Attach greatest ranking/priority to those things which will advance you professionally, enhance your value creation abilities,  and your ability to reach your aspirations in life while putting less priority on things which don’t help in reaching these goals. When I say “less priority”, I don’t meant abandon them, I just mean put less time and energy into them and work on them over longer periods of time.

Create something mental in your mind which makes you strive and stay focused. For example in my cases, its the image of a better tomorrow which will allow me to live and do things which I definitely would never be able to  if I went on a career engineering path.

Everyone differs in how they would go about doing this. Even though some general principles seems to work for everyone, its everyone’s task to find out as quickly as possible what works for them so they can effectively develop tools for overcoming resistance.

Finding out how to beat resistance can be done by researching and reading around to find out what people who face similar challenges  do.  No clear cut route exist in trying to find out and develop methods for overcoming resistance. Each person is unique and faces their unique challenges. But its up to everyone to furiously explore using all avenues they can possibly think about till they hit on something. In my case, I have become better at overcoming resistance over time with greater results to show but even then, this is still a work in progress!