Self Validation and Your Story

Publications like Business Insider constantly bombard Facebook time lines with articles with titles such as “5 clues that you will be successful (not an actual title, but close).” While I don’t totally disregard such and think they are good to look at every once in a while, I believe that if not careful and people obsess over such kind of articles, they would get carried away and not work on the task before them of themselves.

I don’d contest the fact that successful people tend to have habits they do and don’t do. In fact, I am a very big proponent of this. But as much as they might have habits and general rules, each persons story is different. Rather than getting bugged down in what every successful person did and appealing to the human hunger for validation, get down to work and apply general rules of success to your life and strive to create a very unique story.

Why strive to have a story which is indistinguishable from that of other successful people when you can have your own very unique story?