Self Direction and Expression

In taking the entrepreneurial path, one of the things I am learning is self-direction. Direction under a job in which external rewards and sanctions exist compared to a setup in which one is trying to forge ones own dream and reality on their own terms are two radically different ball games.

For starters, I plan out each day and what I have to get done in order to move the startup in the right direction. I also plan different activities I do which pertain to personal development. In reality, more time is spent on personal develop almost each day. If I were in a formal work setup, I would be given task with along with the deadlines for getting such done. But by being an entrepreneur, no such external push or sanctions exist. I have to motivate myself to get everything done through thick and thin.

In my case, it’s the guilt of not getting things done and the possible rewards which push me. I’ll confess, that on some days I can be quite ambitious in the task which I set that I am forced to roll some of them over into the next day. While on some other days, I am simply not in the mood or have the motivation to get task I have set done.

Even though entrepreneurship has its rewards, and without it, society and societal progress will come to a halt, its everyday workings are not necessarily as glitzy as portrayed. Its ultimately is a process through which those involved come to understand themselves better and aim to produce better versions of themselves each day.  It is ultimately when entrepreneurs can be the best versions of themselves possible that their ventures, which ultimately are an expression of themselves, will fully blossom and serve society well.