Platforms and Freedom

Many people might not realize it, but everyone operates on a platform. This is an inescapable fact of life. The platforms people operate on are either the platform which others created or the platforms which they created. In this case, these platforms are mostly related to places of work and business.

Way more often than not, most people operate on the platforms of others because creating platforms is not necessarily an easy task. Within these platforms, people have defined roles and expectations. Even though whatever reward people might get give them freedom and choices in life and liberate them to do many things which might never have been possible, they can never have the freedom and choices of those who created and run the platform.

For example, in some form or the other, expressive freedom is not total. For starters, no one will tell a boss who they are not on good terms with how they truly feel. Every work place has its prevailing culture and expectations which are tacitly known and informally enforced. People who might hold opinions or views which run against such are careful not to be too vocal or express their views out of fear of social opprobrium. But don’t get me wrong, in many places in general, tolerance exist for those who might not necessarily fit in the prevailing mold.

Even though those who might own the platform might have a wide scope of freedom, its not absolute. For one, they have to respect their customers and those who they serve and cant go against the values of such people. Also, regardless of where they are or what they are doing, their platform follows them and is a part of their life they can never run away from. Most importantly, a lot of sacrifice and sweat and tears goes into making such platform possible which many others cant really appreciate.

I am someone who deeply values my expressive freedom and doing my thing. As far back as middle school I remember a teacher saying that I am “fiercely independent” in a report card. An element of what drives me to be an entrepreneur is the independence my platform gives me and what I could possibly do.  Obviously, not everyone can create their platform but if you are someone who values your expressive freedom and living your life as you like, begin thinking about how you can create your own platform at some point. Little steps such as having a side hustle can begin the journey of a thousand miles.