On Undermining The Goose Which Lays Your Golden Egg

One things I’ve noticed over time is people who undermine their places of works and the places without which they can’t survive. Its a habit which I have never been able to understand why people do.

It can take on the form of slandering their places of work at their place of work or doing things which if such actions become the norm within such businesses would undermine the health of the places giving them work.

Yes, I understand that not all jobs are rosy. Yes, I understand that many people might not have the best relationships on earth with their bosses and might not feel like they appreciated or paid enough. And, yes, I understand that people many people might not feel happy with their jobs.

If you have any of these feelings, plot how you can leave you place of work to go to somewhere you feel is better. Think about how you can improve you skill set and worth. With the internet, trying to learn a new skill set through online courses which are free or charge less than two days worth of Starbucks or Dunkins Donuts but whose returns are out sized is possible if you are determined to do so.

But in the main time while you are on the job you might not like, know that your survival depends on the survival of your places of work. Know that where you work, no matter how much you hate it, is what pays your bills and puts a roof over you head each month. Most of all in many places your place of work can do without you but you can’t.