Never Underestimating or Undervaluing Yourself

I came across a video clip on social media which tells the story of a man who for over 30 years,  planted a tree everyday in the same area which was once a thriving oasis of vegetation and wildlife but had been transformed into a desert through deforestation.

Each day for many decades, the man simply planted a tree. With time, the vegetation of the once lush area began making a comeback till it once again became a forest in which wildlife also returned.

A lot can be learnt from this story and can be applied to many areas of life.

One lesson to be learnt is consistency. The man made sure he did something everyday and had a pattern and did not expect results to come over night. If anything, the man probably did not have an end results in mind but took on the challenge with an attitude of being open to seeing how things turned out.

In trying to achieve anything, persistence is key. People must be ready for long and drawn out efforts. But in reality too many people lack patience to reach their goals and give up too easily when they encounter the first obstacle.

Many times when aiming for goals or things we want to achieve, we often fall into the trap of looking for the one size fits all solution which needs to be implemented once or just a few times and will give big results. But in reality, results take time and are a consequence of marginal efforts which accumulate over time.

Most importantly, biggest take away is what individuals are capable of achieving. Through social interactions, popular culture, and even the educational system, seeds are sown into people which make them believe they are incapable of transformative acts and they thus devalue themselves. In the process people shortchange themselves and easily dismiss ideas which they might have as careless or wishful thinking.

I don’t know what challenges you face or what goals and life aspirations you might have. But I want to tell you that you are more than capable of reaching it. It definitely will not be easy or will take place over night.  But through consistency, determination, and a unshakable faith in your value and what you are capable of, its within reach and achievable. All you need is some guts and courage!