Moving and Finding Your Calling

I jut realized that this is the 3rd time this years that I have changed residence. I already know ahead of time that its going to happen once again in early December which will bring it to the 4th time this year.

One of the things I’ve decided on is to be as mobile as possible till around the age of 29-30. Till then I want to fully chase my entrepreneurial ambitions and see what comes out of it. I believe at this stage I have a lot of energy and nothing to lose; not fully utilizing all my energy will be a waste.

After that – depending on how things work out- I will then begin to think of some weighty life decisions and having more of a fixed base.

The life of an entrepreneur has its ups and downs. Moving around is something I have gotten used to  and can now better do on short notice.  But as much as this life might have its challenges and ups and downs, I will do it again anytime because discovering my potential and calling is to great to miss out on.