Its Half Time!

So its half time peoples! Its June 1st which is roughly half way through the year 2018.

So far the year has gone by very fast for me. A good chunk of that time has been taken up by the Starter Studio program which ended on May 1.  Even though the program has officially ended, Starter Studio is permanently my workplace till size force a move somewhere else. That program opened up so many opportunities for me with me getting to know and learn more, do things, and meet people I would never would have dreamed of at the beginning of the year.

This past 6 months has reinforced a few convictions I have always had. The first is that we all are the biggest obstacles we are ever going to encounter and the keys to what we can do and achieve lie with us and the passion and mindset we bring to different task and challenges we encounter. Secondly, when people have purpose and know what you want, time flies by fast and all of life challenges which might hamper others have a way of sorting themselves out.

The biggest lesson I have learnt so far began at the beginning of the Starter Studio program. During a session with potential mentors, one of the mentors said to the effect that in life things must be done with the most passion possible but without too much of an emotional attachment. I kind of brushed those words off at the time. But looking back, there are many assumptions which in the past few months I’ve had to not only discard, but discard rapidly when needed, and move on the next station with dazzling speed.

Half time is a time to look back and restrategize. Even some might be asking where 6 months went to, 6 months is more than enough time to change ones trajectory in ways which can be felt for a long time. So spend the next few days thinking about what has been done right this year and what has not been done so well. Think about the systems and routines which you use and think about how they can be made better. Go over all your goals set for 2018 and make necessary modifications where needed.

2018 is still up for grabs and is still within reach. All it takes its some grit, guts, and courage!