Going it alone

As things stand right now, I am forgoing the job market and getting a job even with my college education and credentials with technical knowledge and skills in demand. Sometimes, when I see what my undergraduate peers and going in terms of visible material prosperity and forging on in life, I wonder if I am a fool and I am in the process of making a mistake which as time continues would become harder to repair.

Popular culture and media has created a romanticized image of college dropouts who begin world changing ventures or people who don’t go the conventional route into the job market and also achieve great feats early. But behind it all, there really is nothing rosy when walking the walk! Between worrying about financial issues such as paying basic bills and living expenses and wondering when a break might come through, such decisions have the potential to take emotional tolls on people. Luckily I am a very patient person and my decision so far has not taken any kind of psychological toll on me or sown any form of regret.

I work part time a few days a week with a schedule which cramps in a week’s wort of work. So far, my experience during this time has been one of refining my startup idea and working on the startup. I have also embarked on a lot of personal development and self-education. As great as my engineering education was, there is still a lot which simply could not have been covered during my education due to time considerations and compatibility with the course. One issue I have intensely gone over – and still in the process of doing so – are issue to do with business and economics. I feel that no matter what people specialize in, at least a very thorough understanding the basic concepts behind these topics are very useful in this world.

Another area I have tried working on in an on and off manner with a lot of work to still do is coding. Thought I have a very basic understanding of coding logic due to my aerospace engineering requirements, its nothing on the level of being able to develop sophisticated web or phone apps. Trying to bootstrap with my startup, I am trying to learn coding by building it web app myself. When my startup gets to a sustainable stage and I am not the one primarily doing all the coding, even an understanding of coding methodology will come in handy.