Going Beyond the Minimum

As I said in the last paragraph of my thoughts/review of Human Action, I challenge myself to go beyond what is expected of me and what I was thought in school. I challenge myself to delve into and read and learn diverse topics – thus reading a book like Human Action.  Its in doing such a that I become  better and stand out from the crowd and can rise to the top in every things I do very rapidly. For example, right now I am currently trying to self teach myself machine learning with the goal of writing an introductory primer on the topic. I decided to delve into that topic because as much as many people don’t realize how pervasive this technology is in our modern world, I see future use for it and I aim to be part of such.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t aim for an ordinary existence of having a normal paying 9AM-5PM in which life is very stable and has no challenges. That’s why at this early stage in life I purposely take a path in which all the answers are not know and I don’t have all material comforts. Rather I want a life with challenges (good and constructive ones) which bring out the best in me and challenge me to serve society as much as I can. Its when people adopt such an outlook on life that they begin on the path of discovering their purpose for being born and walking on this side of eternity.