Just Get Lost In It!

Ill kind of confess that this is kind of a lazy mans post. But in whatever you do, if you are truly passionate about it, just get lost in it.

Right now, I am doing some work which is startup related. I set a deadline for getting everything done by Wednesday. But its so engaged that I will be probably continue for the next 6 hours and get done (or at least done for the most part) by the time I head to bed around 6AM (yes, I still I’m a night owl from my college days). I simply don’t see myself doing anything else between now and then, even if it means kind of ignoring other things I planned on getting done.

Its in getting lost in what you do that great results come about a new opportunities and breakthroughs are born. I surely can say that with what I am working on new opportunities and growth should come about for iTruck.

I don’t know what your work is or what you are passionate about. But once its something you like and it gives you joy and you see it as worthwhile, simply get lost in it and give it your 1000% effort.