Fuzzy Thinking

I remember when young, if asked to give a set of instructions or a description and they were not precise and contained gaps, my dad will get annoyed. He will insist I actually give a better set of instructions or description even if he did understand what I intended to say.

Eventually, as I grew older, speaking in precise and coherent terms which people did not have to second guess became something I got better at. If I ask people for a set of instructions or a description and their reply is fuzzy, I begin losing interest. Many times nothing annoys me more than people expecting, I should read their minds or think about what they could possibly have meant.

One thing, I find is that many peers my age many times can’t speak in very precise terms or give precise instructions and descriptions. I feel this puts them at a disadvantage because being able to communicate with others is so key that it cant be overstated.

To be good at anything, people begin somewhere someday. For young adults, learning how to speak in precise terms when communicating with other people can unlock great opportunities. This is something which can’t be ignored and should be tackled head on no matter how old people might be.