Embrace Who You Are

Too often I come across people who say, they want to downplay some trait they have and project it less. This tendency is natural, its part of the urge to fit and an urge which different people have had to deal with at different times in life. Some have to deal with this more than others.

My reply is always the same. I tell them to accept who they are and take ownership of themselves. I then go on to say, they will never be able to please everyone and not everyone will understand them. But for those who understand them and appreciate who they are, they will command their respect and loyalty. Furthermore, I say that when people try and change how they act in front of others, they come off as what they are not and preoccupy themselves with every move they make and every word uttered.

Obviously, when I say people should accept who they are and not preoccupy themselves with what people say or think. I don’t mean if they act like fools, carry themselves around like fools, and have bad habits they are all good and should not try and change. Also, I don’t mean they need to go around with a confrontational attitude of “accept who I am or go to hell.” Can can be the most cordial and cool person who gets along with everyone without preoccupying yourself with what others think trying to turn yourself into what you are not.

At the end of the day, everyone is unique. Its up to everyone to discover exactly what makes themselves unique and their life calling. The starting point for this  is acting naturally and accepting who you are.  Too many people fail to realize this and live which don’t fell fulfilling and are not theirs.