Defining Your Mission

Anyone who has been reading my blog post for a while should know by now that I am big on people having defined mission statements and life principles.

Life and mission statements are easy to craft in the moment of inspiration and high spirits. But keeping  to them and bringing those words to life is the challenging part. Many people get overwhelmed and never know where to begin. Thus with time, people forget about their statements and those fancy pieces of paper they are written on become buried under other pieces of paper long forgotten and they begin gathering dust.

One thing to realize that is that personal mission statement and life principles are never final. Along the way, tweaks and revisions are made with greater insight and maturity. Also, mission statements are rarely achieved through large strides or few time actions. Rather, they are achieved through small steps at a time done consistently over a long periods of time.

So, if you don’t have a personal mission statement or life principles, get down to it. Ask yourself what you want from life, what you want associated with you, and your small way in which you would like to make the world a better place. Articulate whatever thoughts you come up with on paper. It does not need to be perfect to begin with because like I said its a work in progress and not a one time thing. If possible, even frame it up and place it in places where you will see it on a regular basis till it becomes second nature.

Nothing is worse than living a life without purpose and a mission. Its within the reach of everyone on earth to have both. Imagine how better off if half of this country or even half of humanity had mission statements and defined life principles.