Cooking and Time

I cook very well and was deeply into cooking before college. But to my kind of surprise, I find that this is a skill lacking among many millennials. As much as I know how to cook well, I despise cooking on a regular basis and I only cook out of convenience and would not cook if I had an alternative

Eating out on a regular basis is expensive and also I find that meals which I am able to make tend to me more healthy. This is a skill which many millennials  should learn and would greatly benefit them.

But as much as I know how to cook, once I have the ability to do so (yes, I have my ideal life and lifestyle all mapped out and that’s what I work towards), Ill pretty much eat out or employ cooks or have a combination of both and stop cooking.  I will only cook when I feel like, or am cooking for family and friends, or want to fix something exotic

Time spent using to cook and fix meals can be spent doing other productive activities. Many things can be made up for if not used efficiently or even lost, but time can never be recovered!