A Few Thoughts On Christmas Eve

As anyone knows, in the past few years I have taken a very unique path and not gone on the conventional job/career path with a lot of stability which all my college peers have gone on. Its had its ups and downs but has made me a better person in the process and has given me a lot of room for personal growth. But one thing which has been especially unique in the past 2 years has been how I have spent Christmas.

Christmas has been nothing very glitzy. On one year, I even worked on Christmas eve. Experiences like this have given me a perspective which I feel would be very useful as I advance in life. Most importantly, this season in the past few years has made me understand that celebrating the festive seasons is possible without so much and does not need a lot.

As we celebrate this Christmas eve, please enjoy all the glitz of Christmas and all which comes along with with. But remember that your appreciation of this season must not be based on these things.