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The “Raw Water” Craze

A story is currently making rounds online that Silicon Valley elites are currently in a “raw water” craze and paying up to $60 for 2.5 gallons. Startups exist which even help in feeding this new craze. On hearing this story the first thing which comes to mind are all we know about which can go wrong with this trend; waterborne diseases and all that stuff. But if one thinks a little bit deeper, the fact that startups exist to feed this craze indicates something alarming.

At the risk of sounding dismissive, I don’t see anything that fantastic in packaging untreated water. I don’t really see the big problem that’s really being solved. I don’t understand at what state in the production process a big deal of cognitive power is needed and cutting edge technology is need to solve such a problem.

If a few millions of dollars can land in the hands of startups which simply repackage untreated water, this should be a  cause for alarm. These are meant to be the people in this nation are the cutting edge of technological development.


Against The Winds

Remember something: a bird (and an airplane) goes against the wind and not with the wind when it flies. Yet when it flies, its does so so effortlessly and in an inspirational manners with seamlessly easy turns and acrobatics.

In the same manner, many who will excel and go to great heights in their endeavors will so so against he winds and in spite of the odds and what the conditions might be.

So quit waiting for the day when everyone things will be right and all the conditions will be perfect and get to the task of making you dreams and aspirations a reality in 2018.

Getting What You Want In 2018

In 2018, at different times during the upcoming year, we will want to get things from different people or have people do things for us. Its perfectly okay and understandable; its part of being human.

But remember something: to get what you want you first have to give and offer people value. The more value you offer and think about other peoples needs before yours, the more you will probably get what you want from others.

The Year 2018

Looking back at 2017, I am happy about my life and where I am right now. Most importantly, I am thrilled by the fact that I am currently intentionally creating the kind if life I would like to live over the next 50-60 years on my terms.

The year 2017 defiantly has not been an easy year and has had its ups and downs with me questioning myself many times and with me moving to a new city and growing a business from scratch. But in all I have been forced to grow and move out of my comfort zone.

With 2018, I can confidently say that its going to be my best year ever and y’all aint seen anything yet!

Its Not Too Late

For some people this task might be late at this point, but in 3 days, its going to be a new years. Different people have different ways they plan for the new year. Most people have goals which take on some form of fashion which they set for the new year.

In the next three days, write down goals which you want to achieve in the next year. Think through all the steps and what it would take to make such goals a reality. Think about the resources which would be needed. Think about the accountability system which you would need.

In fact to make this reality, don’t just dedicate a few minutes or an hours towards this task. Take out a whole day (tomorrow for example) and cancel everything you might have planned for the day and dedicate the whole day to this task. The time used in hashing this task out by putting into on paper would be worth it in the long run.

A Few Thoughts On The “War On Christmas”

In recent times, a debate has raged over “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays” being said around Christmas along with debates over nativity scenes in public. The debate has mainly been between those who have a vision for a very secular society and those who want more of a traditional society with religion still playing a very large role. Those who want more a traditional society charge that a “war on Christmas” exist.  This debate has also taken on a very political tone.

But I think both sides, especially the traditionalist totally miss something.

If a “war on Christmas” truly, what this signifies is a change in the culture and values held by the general population. Whatever political dimension might exist is only by the way side and a reaction to a change in the general culture.

For those who might think a “war on Christmas” exist, maybe more focus should be put on the culture and trying to change it rather than politics. Though results from this route might not be totally assured, it stands a better change than the political route.

A Few Thoughts On Christmas Eve

As anyone knows, in the past few years I have taken a very unique path and not gone on the conventional job/career path with a lot of stability which all my college peers have gone on. Its had its ups and downs but has made me a better person in the process and has given me a lot of room for personal growth. But one thing which has been especially unique in the past 2 years has been how I have spent Christmas.

Christmas has been nothing very glitzy. On one year, I even worked on Christmas eve. Experiences like this have given me a perspective which I feel would be very useful as I advance in life. Most importantly, this season in the past few years has made me understand that celebrating the festive seasons is possible without so much and does not need a lot.

As we celebrate this Christmas eve, please enjoy all the glitz of Christmas and all which comes along with with. But remember that your appreciation of this season must not be based on these things.


Self Validation and Your Story

Publications like Business Insider constantly bombard Facebook time lines with articles with titles such as “5 clues that you will be successful (not an actual title, but close).” While I don’t totally disregard such and think they are good to look at every once in a while, I believe that if not careful and people obsess over such kind of articles, they would get carried away and not work on the task before them of themselves.

I don’d contest the fact that successful people tend to have habits they do and don’t do. In fact, I am a very big proponent of this. But as much as they might have habits and general rules, each persons story is different. Rather than getting bugged down in what every successful person did and appealing to the human hunger for validation, get down to work and apply general rules of success to your life and strive to create a very unique story.

Why strive to have a story which is indistinguishable from that of other successful people when you can have your own very unique story?

Cooking and Time

I cook very well and was deeply into cooking before college. But to my kind of surprise, I find that this is a skill lacking among many millennials. As much as I know how to cook well, I despise cooking on a regular basis and I only cook out of convenience and would not cook if I had an alternative

Eating out on a regular basis is expensive and also I find that meals which I am able to make tend to me more healthy. This is a skill which many millennials  should learn and would greatly benefit them.

But as much as I know how to cook, once I have the ability to do so (yes, I have my ideal life and lifestyle all mapped out and that’s what I work towards), Ill pretty much eat out or employ cooks or have a combination of both and stop cooking.  I will only cook when I feel like, or am cooking for family and friends, or want to fix something exotic

Time spent using to cook and fix meals can be spent doing other productive activities. Many things can be made up for if not used efficiently or even lost, but time can never be recovered!