Are You Moving In Circles?

WARNING: I am no pastor or preacher or some 100% perfect (none is by the way!) Christian. This should not be taken as some sermon or anything similar. These are just my thoughts! 

Today’s sermon at Church continued with a long series on the story of the  Israelite’s who wandered in the desert for 40 years despite a journey which was to last 11 days after being miraculously delivered from 400 years of slavery in Egypt.

Some might be Christians and other might not and some might simply not even believe in the concept of God and a higher power. Others might believe the story literally while others don’t. But regardless, life lessons and applications exist to be learnt from this story.

I have known this story for as long as I can remember but never really deeply thought through the meaning as a child or even as a teenager. But with me taking on different paths in life and making key decisions which would impact my life for a long time to come, the meaning of the story is more crystal clear than ever.

The story is simply a warning meant to make people examine themselves to see if they are aimlessly wandering and not on the path they should be on.

We live in an era of great abundance and choice which makes life better and make the possibilities from human flourishing almost endless. But a downside side is that among the myriad of choices which exist, getting distracted, prioritizing the wrong things and following the wrong path is easier than ever.

No clear cut formula exist for finding out if one is one the correct path or just wandering around because everyone’s situation differs. But a good way to start is by having clear cut life-goals/mission-statements and always trying to live up to such.