A Few Thoughts On The “War On Christmas”

In recent times, a debate has raged over “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays” being said around Christmas along with debates over nativity scenes in public. The debate has mainly been between those who have a vision for a very secular society and those who want more of a traditional society with religion still playing a very large role. Those who want more a traditional society charge that a “war on Christmas” exist.  This debate has also taken on a very political tone.

But I think both sides, especially the traditionalist totally miss something.

If a “war on Christmas” truly, what this signifies is a change in the culture and values held by the general population. Whatever political dimension might exist is only by the way side and a reaction to a change in the general culture.

For those who might think a “war on Christmas” exist, maybe more focus should be put on the culture and trying to change it rather than politics. Though results from this route might not be totally assured, it stands a better change than the political route.