On Undermining The Goose Which Lays Your Golden Egg

One things I’ve noticed over time is people who undermine their places of works and the places without which they can’t survive. Its a habit which I have never been able to understand why people do.

It can take on the form of slandering their places of work at their place of work or doing things which if such actions become the norm within such businesses would undermine the health of the places giving them work.

Yes, I understand that not all jobs are rosy. Yes, I understand that many people might not have the best relationships on earth with their bosses and might not feel like they appreciated or paid enough. And, yes, I understand that people many people might not feel happy with their jobs.

If you have any of these feelings, plot how you can leave you place of work to go to somewhere you feel is better. Think about how you can improve you skill set and worth. With the internet, trying to learn a new skill set through online courses which are free or charge less than two days worth of Starbucks or Dunkins Donuts but whose returns are out sized is possible if you are determined to do so.

But in the main time while you are on the job you might not like, know that your survival depends on the survival of your places of work. Know that where you work, no matter how much you hate it, is what pays your bills and puts a roof over you head each month. Most of all in many places your place of work can do without you but you can’t.

Be Slow To Imitate

Imitation is the process by which humans follow, model, or pattern ourselves and behavior according to what we see – especially what seems to work, is successful, and commands approval.

But for everything we see an unseen exist. A house or car might look very aesthetically appealing on the outside but might be a dump on the inside. People might look up at the success of some without understand what it took to get to that level and even what it still takes to maintain that level of success.

For everything people want to imitate an unseen probably exist which might not be good or has the potential to dampen the rosy images which people have.

People should by all means go ahead and imitate best practices they see around them in their quest for personal development. But in doing so, it should be done very carefully and only after getting the most knowledge possible; especially knowledge of the unseen.

In essence: be slow to imitate!


Outsource and Delegate

As we approach the end of the year and I look back and try and get as much done as I can before it ends, I look back at some of the lessons I have learnt. One of these lessons is outsourcing and delegating.

A startup is cash constrained and has no resources by nature and all which can be done to get task done at no cost and in the simplest way possible while kept things in house is of highest priority.  As much as possible, no one wants to put cash down a concept which really is not proven.

But at a point, keeping some task in house is simply not worth it and cost more than not doing so. Trying to keep things in house can lead to bad product quality and even precious time being wasted.

Looking back at this year, there are task which I wish I had began outsourcing much earlier than I eventually did. But in all no regrets, its all part of the learning process and I can say that my startup is on moving according to plan and 2018 is going to be a year of great things and massive growth. The best has not even yet began!

Don’t Let Politics Deplete Your Social Capital

Image may contain: 7 people, people smiling, people standing and suit
This photograph was taken at the 1000th episode. Michael Malice is in the middle holding Tom Woods daughter and wearing a North Korean army uniform – which is legit and was smuggled out of North Korea. Credit: Tom Woods Facebook fan page

At the 1000th episode of the popular The Tom Woods Show podcast by historian and commentator Thomas E. Woods in Orlando, Florifa in late September,  media personality Michael Malice said a few words which were not new to me but still stuck.

Malice said that he survives in very liberal New York City by not getting into political arguments with people; basically keeping clear of politics for the most part. He further said, you never know who you might need some day for some help and getting into political arguments and conflict is a quick way of burning bridges.

We live in a time of great political polarization. I see people all the time get into pointless arguments over the latest manufactured political and societal fights which everyone is meant to have an opinion over and must show some outrage. I see them as pointless because very rarely do such arguments change peoples views. They do nothing but create more division. Plus, they are a pure and utter waste of time!

Don’t get into arguments with people over political issues. Nothing is more divisive than politics. People who might agree to disagree under normal circumstances become mortal enemies once an issue becomes political. Basically politics is a form of conflict.

Do your best to emphasize what you have more in common with others and not your differences. If you find yourself in situations were things are getting heated or political, try and answer in the most polite manner possible and don’t try and prove you are right and others are wrong. If anything find a way of punting.

Taking on this disposition might not suit some peoples egos or propensities to argue but doing so will go a very long way in creating  social capital and building bridges.

What Are Some Ways For An Entrepreneur To Find Inspiration To Create Ideas Before Creating A Startup Business?

This question is a Quora question which I came across. 

No clear cut rule exist on how to go about looking for inspiration and entrepreneurial ideas. But a few things can help in getting started:

  • Look out for needs in your immediate community and vicinity to begin with then branch out from there. Then come up with ways which meet these needs in ways that other people are not doing so.
  • Read far and wide. Read primarily non-fiction and also science fiction literature. Science fiction helps a lot because many innovators get their ideas from the science fiction they read. In general,  reading opens up the worlds and stimulates our imagination, it also makes people ask questions and plants ideas in peoples minds.

History And Morality

Every once in a while, when controversy over historical issues and events which are frowned upon today are debated, people in some quarters express sentiments to the effect of: don’t judge people of a different era by the standards of today’s morality.  Such sentiments might sound innocent and moderate, but upon deeper examnation, the implications of such could be troubling.

An implication could be that no absolute moral standards exist through time. If a more humane future with even greater human flourishing is the goal, pertinent lessons must learnt from the past if the mistakes of the past are to be avoided and timeless wisdom’s are to be gained. But the problem is that such sentiments have the potential to downplay areas which might not be the easiest to debate but which could hold a trove of wisdom if rationally discussed.

Don’t get me wrong, the issue of what constitutes absolute moral standards and how these standards come about has no answer. Even text such as religious text which many take as absolute in the standards they set have all kinds of translations and have had different interpretations used for different ends through history. Furthermore, history is not as binary as some will try to present it and in many ways is not immune to innate biases of those who write it.

As much as the future is not known with even 25% certainty, the ability to purposefully work towards affecting future outcomes – directly or indirectly – is what distinguishes humans. Contrary to what some deterministic thought might teach, humans are not helpless creatures stuck in a historically determined trap which are governed by some mystical scientific laws of history when have a tendency towards some end. Humans have the ability to choose the path they decide to take and change course when needed. Key to being able to do this is the ability to learn from the past. But  an obstacle towards being able to do this is the sentiment discussed here.

Are You Moving In Circles?

WARNING: I am no pastor or preacher or some 100% perfect (none is by the way!) Christian. This should not be taken as some sermon or anything similar. These are just my thoughts! 

Today’s sermon at Church continued with a long series on the story of the  Israelite’s who wandered in the desert for 40 years despite a journey which was to last 11 days after being miraculously delivered from 400 years of slavery in Egypt.

Some might be Christians and other might not and some might simply not even believe in the concept of God and a higher power. Others might believe the story literally while others don’t. But regardless, life lessons and applications exist to be learnt from this story.

I have known this story for as long as I can remember but never really deeply thought through the meaning as a child or even as a teenager. But with me taking on different paths in life and making key decisions which would impact my life for a long time to come, the meaning of the story is more crystal clear than ever.

The story is simply a warning meant to make people examine themselves to see if they are aimlessly wandering and not on the path they should be on.

We live in an era of great abundance and choice which makes life better and make the possibilities from human flourishing almost endless. But a downside side is that among the myriad of choices which exist, getting distracted, prioritizing the wrong things and following the wrong path is easier than ever.

No clear cut formula exist for finding out if one is one the correct path or just wandering around because everyone’s situation differs. But a good way to start is by having clear cut life-goals/mission-statements and always trying to live up to such.




What Are The Best College For Entrepreneurs?


Entrepreneurship cant be learn, it can only be perfected through experience and practice thought some people might naturally have such qualities.

Don’t get me wrong, its not trendy among colleges to offer courses in entrepreneurship. But more than not, the next generation of entrepreneurs who are going to change the world would would not be products of such programs. They will be the product of ambitious people who just went for it and learnt along the way.

Small exercise: list 5 great entrepreneurs you know from knowledge who changed the world and introduced revolutionary products and services. How many of them attended some college or have some certification in entrepreneurship?

I can bet you, that at the best, you struggled to come up with tree names. Now you get the point!