Be Slow To Imitate

Imitation is the process by which humans follow, model, or pattern ourselves and behavior according to what we see – especially what seems to work, is successful, and commands approval.

But for everything we see an unseen exist. A house or car might look very aesthetically appealing on the outside but might be a dump on the inside. People might look up at the success of some without understand what it took to get to that level and even what it still takes to maintain that level of success.

For everything people want to imitate an unseen probably exist which might not be good or has the potential to dampen the rosy images which people have.

People should by all means go ahead and imitate best practices they see around them in their quest for personal development. But in doing so, it should be done very carefully and only after getting the most knowledge possible; especially knowledge of the unseen.

In essence: be slow to imitate!


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