“Where there is no vision, the people perish.”

-Proverbs 29:18


As I’ve grown up, one of the things I’ve come to fast discover is the large number of adults who lack a life vision or an articulated set of principles. This is not to say they are irresponsible adults who are adrift in the sea of life and have no bearing. Rather their lives are one of living by the set standards and expectations of society and not daring to be different.

With an articulated life vision, one knows where to focus ones energy and focus. Whatever task or job one does, one does not see it as an end in itself but sees it as a path towards achieving something bigger. For if one’s life vision is to contribute towards a healthier world, one does not see that study of medicine and its practice and an end in itself but rather a means towards an end. If one does into business to gain resources and have a platform to promote certain ideas and values, the business in itself is not seen as the end but rather a means.

Furthermore, with a life vision, one puts their attention and energy towards what matters and what will count in the long run when all is said and done. That’s why with many in society viewed as “filthy rich” and who have the means to acquire highest luxuries in the world, in many cases, though not always, material and immediate pleasures does not really bother them. Instead they put their energy into trying to solve societal problems and trying to figure out where society is headed in key technological fields and offering solutions. Ultimately their goals is to build and offer solutions which would outlast them.

Statistically, not everyone will be Elon Musk or a Bill Gates. But it’s in within everyone’s ability to develop a life vision and mission which brings meaning to one’s life. Such could be solving challenges in one’s community and it could even be as narrow as helping ones family and those who we love. Coming up with a vision and mission for one life is not something which happens in one day but is a challenge which happens over time and arguably never ends.  If more people in the world articulated a life vision towards which they worked, the world would be a much different place for the better.


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